Tạp chí khoa học công nghệ và thực phẩm, T. 18, S. 2 (2019)

Cỡ chữ:  Nhỏ  Vừa  Lớn


Truong Thi Dieu Hien

Tóm tắt

Sugar production in Vietnam plays an important role in the agriculture and creating a plenty sugarcane bagasse source (SCB). SCB is reused in various industries. In this study, we deployed SCB potential in Pleurotus sajor-caju (P. sajor-caju) mushroom cultivation and evaluated the combination between SCB and sawdust served as raw substrates to increase the yield of mushroom cultivation. Results showed that the ratio of SCB to sawdust 3:1 generated higher body fruits and bio-efficiency. Furthermore, this ratio showed shorter time for crops, with cheaper materials and higher profit as compared to other combinations. These results premise SCB utilization in mushroom cultivation, reuse available materials and protect the environment.

Keywords: Pleurotus sajor-caju, sugarcane bagasse, rubber sawdust, bio-efficiency, profits.

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